Gospel 101 Bible Study

Narrative "justify"

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   Study by Narrative of the theme: "justify"
   This part of the session is the reading of narrative text that helps explain the theme with scripture references and illustrations
   Online Bible College Lesson:

Romans 5:1-21

Key Verse Romasn 5:1
The Gospel Summarized
   Peace with God
Access into God's grace
Rejoicing in the hope of glory
Rejoicing in life's pressures
Assured of hope by God's love
The Answer to Sins Committed
The Substitute for Us
The Appointed Time
God's Love Demonstrated
   In the object of His love
In the expression of His love
How Much More!
   Saved from His wrath
Saved by His life
Rejoice in God
The Answer to Man's Nature of Sin
Two Representative Men
   By one man, Adam
By one man, Christ
Two Titles of Christ
   The Last Adam
The Second Man
The Great Result

Prepared by William C. Barman for George Young Memorial United Methodist Church -- Palm Harbor, FL on 7/2/04; 3:56:34 PM