Gospel 101 Bible Study

Research "sanctify"

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   Study by Research for theme: "sanctify"
   In this part of the session, students research specific Bible verses to determine for themselves what the Word of God says "sanctify" means.
Each day, the student should research one Old Testament verse and one New Testatment verse.
The student should abstract each verse by answering the question: What does this verse say to me about the meaning of "sanctify"?

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Day 1: Perhaps the most familiar verses associated with each theme in each Testament.

Day 2: These are verses where the theme word first appears in each of the Testaments.

Day 3: The verses where a prophecy was spoken and then revealed

Day 4: Representative verses from the chapters that have the most references on the theme.

Day 5: Verses that have been cross referenced in the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge from verses with same theme in same testament.

Day 6: The best of the remaining verses that have references to the current theme.

Prepared by William C. Barman for George Young Memorial United Methodist Church -- Palm Harbor, FL on 7/2/04; 4:00:34 PM