Gospel 101 Bible Study

Session "faith"

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   Theme: "faith"
The theme "faith" was chosen as the fourth theme because once the kingdom is found, there is only one way to enter into it.

   The theme "faith" in this Bible Study will be reviewed in three ways:
Study by Research: What does the Bible say "faith" means?
   Twelve Bible verses that include a reference to the word "seek". Students are to read and determine for themselves the meaning of the term "faith" based on how it is used in the specified verses in the Bible.
Study by Definition: What do the scholars say "faith" means?
   A formal approach to studying the meaning of the term "faith". Explanations from Theological reference materials are provided for the students review.
Study by Narrative: How do you apply the meaning of "faith" to your life?
   A narrative reading from The On-line Bible College lesson titled: Essential Truths I: Living With God -- Faith

Prepared by William C. Barman for George Young Memorial United Methodist Church -- Palm Harbor, FL on 7/2/04; 3:50:01 PM