Gospel 101 Bible Study

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Handout Materials

At the start of the study, a packet of materials will be handed out to each student. In the packet, besides this overview and instructions, will be:

A matrix of Bible verse references

This matrix is a list of the verses that will be covered in the study, either in class or as homework (optional)

A set of pages with either Old or New Testament verses that correspond with the column of verses in the matrix for each of the six themes.

Each of these pages will be covered in class, and provide an area where notes and comments can be written.

In each classroom session, additional handouts will be provided:

Commentaries relavent to the verses for that day, and
A review of the meaning of the theme word drawn from each Bible verse covered.

Weekly Classroom Session

Each week, the classroom session will focus on a single theme out of the six themes covered in this study.
The the theme of the week, six Old Testament verses and six New Testament verses will be read and discussed. After the first session, the verses for the following class session will be assigned as homework verses.
Two verses, one Old Testament and one New Testament which pertain to the theme for the week, will be reviewed in depth.

For example, the first classroom session will be a study in Isaiah 52:7 and Mark 1:15 -- both of which include the term "gospel"

Each verse will be read in context with its chapter, and there will be a discussion on it's meaning.
To complement the discussion, commentary from a variety of sources will be read and discussed.

Daily Homework Assignment (optional)

After each classroom session, and before the next, the student is encouraged to read each verse in the list of verses for the theme word to be covered in the next classroom session
For each verse, the student is encouraged to

read the verse in the context of its chapter and
write down any notes or comments that could add to the discussion in the next classroom session.

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